Eventually, this section will have some things related to stuff I'm interested in outside of economics---like cooking, scouting, baseball, music, books, etc. I do not, of course, believe that there is a great deal of interest in my hobbies from the world at large, but this seems like a convenient way to share some things with friends.

For now, here are two favorite recipes of mine:

A tomato risotto, which is my feeble attempt to approximate a tomato risotto at Momo's (sans meat, though).


My own creation, a quinoa shepherd's pie.

And here is a picture of a few of my favorite toys. The one on the left is the Getzen Eterna I played as a kid. The one on the right is an early 1950s Conn Connstellation. The middle one---the worst looking of the three, but far and away the best horn---is a late 1940s Martin Committee. The mouthpiece in it is a rare original Al Cass 3x3.